Criminal Lawyer Paul Gold on Ethics

Ethics of Criminal Law:

Our country’s founders believed in a just society and the right to a fair trial. Citizens must not be imprisoned or held accountable just because the government or other individual points a finger. For all crimes: tax evasion, murder, causing harm to another, or any other alleged  criminal action, everyone is entitled to due process and a fair and speedy trial.

The founding fathers created a system which required proof that the crime had been committed. An unbiased jury must find, beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt, that the person in question has in fact committed the crimes for which he/she has been accused. Everyone deserves a fair trial and, just as importantly, a committed lawyer.

Benjamin Franklin said, “… it is better one hundred guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States of American and I believe in my clients. It is not only my job, but also my duty to make sure that every one of my clients has the right to a fair and unbiased trial in the Jefferson County / Louisville court system. If you trust me with your case, I will do everything I can for you, and will work hard to try to get you the best possible outcome for your legal situation.

My Commitment to my Clients:

Everyone is entitled to the best defense possible and that’s what I am prepared to give you, my best. Three decades of experience mean that I have seen and worked on countless cases, and there is a good chance your charges are already familiar to me. But if by chance they are new to me, I will put in the time to learn everything I care about your situation and the charges against you. I will learn your case inside and out. Your right to a fair trial is amended in the Constitution of the United States and that is exactly what I am here to help you receive — A fair process and fair trial for your sensitive criminal proceedings.

I  pledge to do everything possible to make my clients feel reassured that I am there for them, and that they feel they are getting the attention their case needs. When I tell you that you will be hearing from me, you will really hear from me. I keep my clients informed and updated on progress with their cases, and I spend time learning about them, their goals and their needs. It is a unique, personal approach to the Attorney/Client relationship, and something you do not find everywhere. Client commitment is something I take very seriously. Although no one can guarantee an outcome, if you put  your trust in me as your criminal attorney, I will commit myself to helping you to win the best possible outcome for your case.