Here are some tips and FAQ’s from the Kentucky DMV:

Can I enroll in traffic school to reduce the number of driver’s license points on my driving record?

Yes―if you haven’t attended traffic school in the last 12 months and if the court approves it. You must go through the same request process as someone who wants to attend traffic school to satisfy a citation. Traffic school is now offered online.

What if I am a minor and get a traffic ticket?

Drivers younger than 18 face penalties related to moving forward in the licensing process (from permit to intermediate, and so on) as well as stricter point penalties. See the question below for details.

Drivers younger than 21 face license suspension if they’re caught driving with a BAC of .02% or higher.

What are the penalties for getting a traffic ticket while driving during the permit and intermediate phases?

Teens convicted of traffic violations during the permit or intermediate phases of the licensing process must begin their 180-day waiting periods all over again (from the date of the violation.)

So, let’s say you have a permit and you’re 120 days into the waiting period before you can apply for your intermediate license. If you’re ticketed, and found guilty, you must start the waiting period all over again beginning on the date of the violation. You lose those 120 days you’ve already accumulated.

Drivers younger than 18 who get enough traffic tickets to put four or more points on their driving records face an interview with a Cabinet representative; six or more points means license suspension. Learn more on our traffic ticket fines and penalties page.

Will taking a motorcycle safety course help me with a traffic ticket I got while riding?

It’s not likely, but it’s not impossible.

Kentucky has a specific traffic school system in place―Kentucky State Traffic School―and the system includes certain online, classroom, and video/DVD courses. Generally, drivers given the option to enroll in traffic school must enroll in one of those courses, and they’re all geared toward regular passenger vehicles.

Still, when you request the option to attend traffic school, you can ask about a motorcycle course alternative.