Here is what the current County Attorney Mike O’Connell said in the Courier Journal article on Dec 2, 2012 about Paul Gold:

Either he’s the greatest lawyer that’s ever come down the pike to try bench cases or we’ve got the worst set of prosecutors, and we’re not talking about inexperienced people trying these cases.

Paul made a very frightening and frustrating situation much easier. With no Louisville contacts, I felt very vulnerable with the potential of no positive outcome. However, he put my mind at ease and I felt comfortable due to his vast experience. Fortunately, the outcome of my case was positive and all negative scenarios are no longer an issue. I would HIGHLY recommend Paul to anyone who finds themselves of a true DUI professional.

– W.W. Louisville, KY, November 9, 2016

My review for Mr. Paul Gold, best lawyer in Louisville. :-)
Paul Gold is by far the best lawyer I know. I am almost at a loss for words when it comes to explaining how grateful I am that Paul accepted my case and worked more magic than I could have even imagined. I would recommend Mr. Gold to anyone who is in need. Thank you again so much.

– M.E. Louisville, KY, November 2, 2016

Paul Gold is the absolute best! I found myself in a situation I never imagined I’d be in (charged with a DUI) and he got me through it. He was very straight forward about the process and guided me through every step. I did not have to appear in court and my DUI charge was dismissed! I am truly grateful for his skill, dedication and guidance through this difficult time.

– N.A. Louisville, KY, October 21, 2016

To everyone who needs assistance now or in the future, please be advised that Atty. Paul Gold, with his due diligence and his fight to be the best of the best, is THE Attorney to see. He turned an impossible situation with a most unfair Prosecutor into a most win-win outcome. Although I pray I will not need his services in the future, if anything ever happened, I would not hesitate to contact Atty. Gold. I definitely advise and recommend him with the highest regards to anyone in any type of situation, esp DUI. Thank you so very much Mr. Gold and God bless!

– T.C. Louisville, KY, September 14, 2016

Mr. Gold was the best lawyer I could have asked for! He worked very hard on my DUI case and I am beyond appreciate of him and his work. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case and forever grateful to Paul Gold.

– M.E. Louisville, KY, August 23, 2016

My heart soared today when you called and let me know my case was OVER! Mr Gold- your hard work and dedication paid off! I had the pleasure to work with Paul Gold and Nick Neumann in a very unfortunate circumstance for the past year and a half. It was very evident I was extremely nervous during our first meeting but he made me feel very comfortable and got down to business! Paul Gold is absolutely incredible. Very thorough and kept me in the loop with every detail! Without his help, my case would not have ended on a positive note — I am so relieved to know it was over. I would NEVER wish this situation upon anyone but if it does happen to you I highly recommend calling Mr. Gold!

It certainly was a pleasure my friend! A huge thank you to you and your staff for the continued hard work and dedication to my case!

– M.R. Louisville, KY, August 17, 2016

Mr. Gold was my attorney who represented me on a D.U.I charge that he handled very honorably. He had my D.U.I. amended down to a lesser charge (careless driving). He is an awesome attorney that is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work.

– K.J. Louisville, KY, August 1, 2016

Mr. Paul Gold,
I would like to thank you for your dedication and hard work over the course of more than 2 years of handling my case. This would have been a life-changing event if I was convicted of DUI. You have impressed me from day one. Paul, you were always upfront and very honest of what the outcome could have been. If my DUI was not amended, I would have lost my CDL and ended my career of more than 10 years. You are undoubtedly the greatest. Thank you so much for never giving up and using your knowledge to get the outcome I needed. You are TRULY A LIFESAVER.

– P.J. Louisville, KY, June 20, 2016

Judge Gold,
I want to offer my most sincere thanks for your diligent efforts through the court system. Everything seemed to go almost exactly as you indicated it would, though I recognize those scenarios are nearly impossible to predict. Your outright honesty and truthfulness were also greatly appreciated, and you never “beat around the bush.” Those traits aren’t always appreciated as they should be, but they certainly didn’t go unnoticed by me. I would most definitely recommend your services to any individual in need of rock solid legal representation, and advise anyone in similar circumstances to seek your counsel should the need arise. I thank you for your services.

– R.D., Louisville, KY, June 22, 2016

I have two words for anyone who needs help with a DUI case — Paul Gold.

At our first meeting I was truly inspired by the presentation of his strategy, his willingness to leave no stone unturned in his investigation, and in particular, his ambition to “win” his cases.

He sold me at our first meeting and I put my future in his hands. I’m delighted to report that the outcome was nothing short of spectacular, and Paul’s confidence in his own abilities was certainly justified by the results.

No offense Paul, but I hope I never need you again, and I will be vigilant in making that my goal. But if I do need help in the future, or have an opportunity to recommend a DUI attorney, I will wholeheartedly recommend you. Paul Gold is worth every dime. It’s very difficult to put a value the amount of future dollars my investment in Paul Gold saved me.

– G.S. Louisville, KY, June 2, 2016

So, I found myself in a bad position. I didn’t think that there was much chance for success in my case. However, Paul Gold took my case and was able to give me hope. Right off the bat, he pulled all of the video surveillance video captured for my case. He watched every minute analyzing it using his extensive knowledge of DUI case law. He was able to find things that I feel most lawyers would have overlooked. Because of this careful eye, my case was amended to my liking and I can not be much happier.

So, if you also find yourself in a bad position and have any chance at all, call Paul Gold. If you find yourself in a bad position and have no chance whatsoever, call Paul Gold anyway. He can probably still help you. There is no one better in this area for the specific DUI cases that Paul Gold works.

– A.S. Louisville, KY, May 26, 2016

Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Paul Gold and his partners. The last 14 months of my life have been somewhat stressful due to a mistake and lack of judgement that I showed one evening. Throughout those 14 months however, Paul was always there willing to answer questions, show support and walk me through the process step by step. The confidence and professionalism displayed by Mr. Gold only helped reinforce my belief in him, as well as the decision I made to hire him. When it was all said and done, Paul Gold got the result we were hoping to obtain. Take my word for it… don’t make 2 bad decisions in your life… hire Paul Gold.

– K.J. Louisville, KY, May 24, 2016

It took me a little while for everything to sink in last night after you gave me the news. I can’t even being to thank you enough for your hard work & dedication to the details of my case.

Mr. Gold is such a blessing.  Even before taking on my case, he researched all the facts of my case & he then took the time to explain every detail of the courts process to me. He outlined all of my options in a clear & precise manner & advised me to my best options. After accepting my case, he combed through every single detail in such depth that during the court hearing, the prosecutor struggled to keep up.  His knowledge of the law was unmatched by anyone in the court room, including the judge, ultimately resulting in a dismissal. At one point during the hearing, the judge asked how long this would take & Mr. Gold replied that he would stay there until midnight if he needed to in order to be able to present all of the facts working in my favor. Throughout the process, he always had my best interest in mind, including going to court and always keeping me informed to the status of the case. Mr. Gold not only used his expertise but he also brought in his associate, Ron Aslam, to help prepare me for the hearing. Mr. Aslam dove into the details of my case & made a perfect fact-driven defense for me during his closing remarks. Both Mr. Gold & Mr. Aslam worked tirelessly for nearly a year to make a DUI dismissal possible. I would highly recommend their services and could not thank them enough for their hard work & persistence.

Again, thank you so much. I still do not feel as though this short paragraph has done you & Mr. Aslam justice for the outstanding service you both provided.

– G.K. Louisville, KY, May 4, 2016

I’ve had some experiences retaining attorneys in the past. I can say, never until now have I experienced working with such a legal professional that made me feel like he really did everything in his power to make sure he gave me the highest possibility of winning my case. He has unmatched experience and knowledge and the patience to take whatever time necessary to pay attention to every little detail within my case. Paul’s legal batting average blows it outta the park, and it proves he give all of his clients the same high level of commitment. I’m happy to say he won my case for me! I would recommend his services to anyone… absolutely the best in the business.

Thanks Paul Gold!!

– B.D. Louisville, KY, April 21, 2016

I can’t thank Paul — and his partner Nick — enough. They are upfront and honest. They took the time to explore every option available to me. They believed in me and only wanted the best outcome. With their diligent attention to detail on my case, Paul and Nick were able to have it dismissed. They are both professional and caring. I would recommend them to any of my associates or friends in time of need.

– L.S. Louisville, KY, April 11, 2016

Mr. Gold has been a true blessing. I went through a traumatic event in my life and began drinking to cope. As a result, in one year’s time, I was charged with 2 DUIs. Mr. Gold was able to get those charges reduced to careless driving. Because of Mr. Gold, I will not suffer future consequences for mistakes I made during a bad period in my life. I could not be more impressed with Mr. Gold’s experience, expertise and professionalism.

I cannot express my appreciation for the work he has done for me. While his services are expensive, he has actually saved me money going forward in terms of job opportunities and car insurance. I would recommend Mr. Gold to friends and family. Thank you Mr. Gold. Thank you.

– D.A., Louisville, KY, April 8, 2016

Paul did a fantastic job. He was very thorough and followed through in my representation. He went to court for me and always kept up with me, so that I knew everything that was going on with my case. He always kept me in a positive mood. I told my son that Paul was the BEST and I was right. I was really glad that I hired Paul Gold. My DUI Case was dismissed.

– P.B., Louisville, KY, March 15, 2016

Mr. Gold was an amazing lawyer. He took my case, was very detailed and reviewed with me all the information for my case. He was very honest regarding expectations and outcome of my case. Mr. Gold’s experience showed throughout the whole process. His knowledge made him the best lawyer I talked to about my case. His demeanor is calm but fearless. I was amazed as well as pleased at the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Mr. Gold, whether if its just a speeding ticket or a DUI Case like mine. He definitely has the magic touch. Thank you so much for giving me back peace into my life.

– M.R., Louisville, KY, March 14, 2016

I never thought I’d find myself facing a DUI charge in my life much less at nearly 40 yrs old, but due to the issues that occurred that’s exactly where I ended up.  I asked around & searched the web looking for the BEST lawyer I could find, I work in a high profile job within the government & couldn’t risk my career over these issues.  It didn’t take long of searching to find Attorney Paul Gold, every review I read about him, every news article I found all said the same thing, this guy is the BEST.  I decided to meet with him & see what he thought about my circumstances & quickly realized he was not the typical attorney I expected.  I was prepared to hear the same old speech of “don’t worry I’ll get you outta this, & I’m the best there is etc”, or the normal sugarcoat words they use to assure you that you have nothing to worry about.  That wasn’t Paul. He shot straight from get go, he explained his record through the years, he discussed the facts of the case & he gave me realistic advice, regardless if it was what I wanted to hear.  I realized instantly Paul Gold was the only man for the job, but his reviews online only partially covered just how good this man is at his profession.

We went through nearly a year with this case & even when financial times got tough Paul still stuck in there & worked with me when I’m certain no other person would have.  Paul worked tirelessly for days & months on end along with his colleague Nick to attempt a resolution.  Unlike most lawyers I’ve known who wait a little while into the case then attempt to talk you into a plea deal that nearly defeats the purpose of fighting the case to begin with, Paul made it clear what the facts were & always left the decisions to me.

In the end, the man pulled out a miracle that I am again positive that only he could’ve done.  My case had many complications to it & this never phased Paul; he handled it like some DUI lawyer magician where one moment you think your entire life is going to be changed to *POOF* things are resolved and this nightmare is behind you.  I can’t say enough about Paul & I will urge anyone that finds themselves in that position to not think twice, hire Paul Gold & then don’t lose sleep because he is taking care of you, your family, your career, your LIFE.  He is truly the best lawyer I’ve ever known & in my opinion the best in the country.  His record alone speaks for itself, but to see it firsthand was just amazing.  I want to thank Paul & Nick as well for what they did for me & for saving my life, my family’s well-being & my career, I’ll forever be in their debt.

– C.M., Louisville, KY, March 8, 2016

I was charged with a DUI and my first thoughts were of unemployment. My job required me to be able to travel and afforded me a company vehicle. I faced the real possibility of losing my job. After feeling sorry for myself, I decided that I was not going to give up my career without a fight. I was referred by friends to Paul Gold. I met with Paul and immediately knew that I chose the right person. He provided me with hope and a plan. Everything he told me came to fruition. My case is closed and the DUI charges were dismissed! Thank you Mr. gold!

– F.D., Louisville, KY, February 20, 2016

Having Paul Gold handle my DUI case was the light in my unfortunate situation. Mr. Gold made my experience virtually effortless thanks to his due diligence and expert representation in the courtroom. Paul Gold was able to have my aggravated DUI amended to reckless driving without my ever having to step foot into a courtroom. He allowed me free reign on the decisions I made throughout the process, and was always available to talk to when needed. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. Thank you for all your hard work, Paul.

– A.M., Louisville, KY, February 17, 2016

Gold was outstanding in dealing with my DUI case. He was dedicated and knowledgeable about the tiniest details in my case. Gold was honest the whole time and let me make my own decision on the outcome and I am glad I stuck with my gut. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any future clients for he is one of the best lawyers in Louisville. Thanks again Paul!

– O.G., Louisville, KY, February 4, 2016

Judge Gold,
I couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve done for me and the outcome that resulted. It exceeded my greatest expectations. Your work ethic, integrity, talent, and patience were exemplary and I would give you my highest recommendation to anyone. Thank you for all that you’ve done; you have helped changed my life for the better during a difficult time that otherwise could have been disastrous. Best wishes to you and yours during this holiday season and may God richly bless!

– H.D., Louisville, KY, December 3, 2015

Thanks to the hard work of Paul Gold, my DUI charge was dismissed. There truly is no one better or more effective than Paul!

– Z.E., October 16, 2015, Louisville, KY

Needed an attorney for a DUI charge and was told Mr. Gold was the best. Absolutely true! During trial he mastered the court room in every way. Completely in command of the law and legal process. I was found not guilty. No one better to hire to represent your case than Mr. Gold.

– E.B., October 14, 2015, Indiana

Paul Gold made me feel at ease during this difficult situation, and  with his commitment to my case and his due diligence, I was able to have my case dismissed without ever needing to appear in court.

– G.K., Louisville, KY, September 2, 2015

You are the most wonderful lawyer and man in the world! I love you Paul Gold. God Bless you and your family! Very Grateful!

– C.B., Louisville, KY, September 2, 2015

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to have Mr. Paul Gold represent me on my DUI case. He is simply OUTSTANDING. It seemed we had a tough hill to climb, without many cracks in my case, but ultimately my charges were amended down, and all I have to do is pay a fine. Mr. Gold’s knowledge of the legal system and his willingness to fight for you is unparalleled. He lays out the possibilities from the start, and is very responsive throughout the process. I am beyond grateful for Mr. Gold’s efforts, and would never recommend another DUI attorney than Mr. Paul Gold. He’s simply the best.

– D.R., Louisville, KY, August 27, 2015

Paul Gold handled my DUI case and I could not have asked for a better attorney. He was honest, answered any question I had and I was 100% confident in his process. I knew what to expect when at all times and he did everything he said he was going to do. I could not have asked for a better experience and would recommend him to anyone.

B.A., Louisville, KY, August 21, 2015

“I could echo each testimonial I have read about you, Mr. Gold; I absolutely agree with every single one.

I’d like to express my gratitude for treating me like a person of value, not just another case number. Your time, undivided attention and focus on detail proved to me that not only my case, but my peace of mind, were of utmost importance.

A special thank you to your associate, Ron Aslam, as well. He is a sharp young man and I witnessed first-hand this morning the dual power backing my defense.

Winning your case is “not about luck.” Winning your case is hiring Paul Gold – the best DUI attorney in Louisville.”

— A.G., Louisville, KY, August 14, 2015

You are fantastic to work with. You helped to make a painful situation less difficult. I very much appreciate you being honest and direct in your assessment of our situation. You are a master in the courtroom and well worth the money. I would have no qualms recommending you to anyone in a similar circumstance.

— B.E., Louisville, KY, August 3, 2015

You are a miracle worker!! I honestly would not have had a chance of winning my case had you not been my attorney. Your experience, knowledge of the laws and police policies and procedures was amazing to say the least. I honestly didn’t think I had a shot until it was your turn to present our case in court and as soon as you started talking my doubts were put to rest. I can’t even thank you enough, you were worth every penny and I would recommend you to anyone I know!!! Again, you’re the best at what you do.

— M.J., Louisville, KY, July 28, 2015

After being charged with DUI and a refusal of the breath, blood or urine test, I consulted several personal friends who are either practicing criminal attorneys, LMPD officers, or retired Jefferson County Circuit Court Judges to get their opinion on whom to select as my attorney. Overwhelmingly the answer was Paul Gold. After Mr. Gold accepted my case I was very impressed by his personal confidence and knowledge of the legal system. It always seemed he was one step ahead of the prosecution. I was never promised anything, but at the same time I felt somewhat comfortable knowing my career was on the line in this case. Watching Mr. Gold in the court room is like watching an artist construct a masterpiece. He is thorough and relentless, leaving no stone unturned and taking no mercy upon the states witnesses or the prosecutor. Not only was he able to prove I did not refuse the breath, blood or urine test, he was able to show overwhelmingly that I was not guilty. I would not hesitate in recommending Mr. Gold to anyone if they end up in similar circumstances. Thanks again, Paul.

—S.A., Louisville, KY, July 24, 2015

Thank you so much for taking care of my case for me. I am extremely pleased with the results and you were so delightful to work with. I appreciate everything that you’ve done and will definitely spread the word to anyone who ever has an issue in Louisville, KY. You’re the best! Thanks again.

—M.C., Louisville, KY, April 2, 2015

What else needs to be said about Paul Gold? His record speaks for itself! I am incredibly relieved and thankful for placing my case in the hands of Mr. Gold. From day one, I knew he was going to do whatever he could to achieve a favorable outcome. He is a stoic and direct man, yet maintains a comforting demeanor. He made no promises, but treated my case like we were out to WIN, and do whatever it took to achieve a favorable outcome. I would recommend his services to anyone who wants to partner with the absolute best.

—B.T., Louisville, KY, March 27, 2015

What great things can be said about Paul Gold that already haven’t been said? I was so glad that I had him represent me in my DUI case! The situation to me felt grim at the beginning, but I was reassured by Paul with the way he handled my case. He stayed in constant communication with me throughout the entire process and with his outstanding knowledge of the legal system, he made it easy for me to understand the legal processes that were being taken. At the end of it all he was able to get my charges amended. I was not convicted of driving under the influence and all I had to do was pay a fine. Words can’t describe how thankful I am for your hard work! Thank you so much for everything again!

—G.L., Louisville, KY, February 12, 2015

Having Paul Gold represent me in my DUI case was the best decision I have ever made in my life. I blew a high number on the breathalyzer and was facing a penalty from the board of nursing that could have jeopardized my entire nursing career. He was constantly in contact with me, coaching me every step of the way through the legal process. At the end of the day, he was able to get my DUI amended down to careless driving and all I had to do was pay a fine. Paul has been a GOD SEND to me and I am eternally grateful for his time, dedication and expertise. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

—D.E., Louisville, KY, November 25, 2014

Paul is the BEST! Period! I can not thank him enough for helping me out in my case. If I could recommend anyone it would be him. He showed personal interest in my case and put forth the time and effort that was needed to help put my mind at ease before and during the court process. He was very upfront with me, telling me what to expect and what he would do to help. I am very grateful for what he has done for me! I do not think there is anyone else in Louisville who could have done a better job representing me! THANKS AGAIN, Mr. Gold. I would be between a rock and a hard place if it wasn’t for you. YOU ARE THE MAN! Thank you.

—G.T., Louisville, KY, November 14, 2014

The best thing that happened to me was when Paul Gold agreed to take my case. I had the best effort from the best DUI attorney in the region. Watching Paul Gold in court was like watching Michael Jordan play basketball from a court-side seat. Amazing!! Long after the fee was paid and when the outlook was not promising, I prepared myself for the worst. Paul never gave up. He remained tenacious throughout the time it took to achieve victory. He developed a multi-pronged strategy that was genius and the case was dismissed. I highly recommend Paul Gold to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of facing a DUI.

—G.M., Louisville, KY, October 29, 2014

What can you say about Paul Gold? I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but if I’m ever back in KY, I’m buying him a beer. I was unfortunate enough to receive a hefty speeding ticket while moving back home after my time in the military. The court date was not the normal 60-90 days out, but a week later, and in my busy week back, I didn’t notice that my court date was…. The next day!! I was well into the evening the night before, and in a last minute effort to not get tried in absentia(bad news bears), I called Paul’s office at 7pm(his time). Paul, not his secretary, picked up, and he agreed to represent me… Less than 18 hours before my court appearance. He was courteous, genuinely cared about my case, and kept me well informed. I was incredibly happy with the outcome. He brought a reckless driving/ hefty speeding ticket down to a careless, 3pt offense and a fine. Considering the charges, and the last minute nature, I was impressed by the outcome. I wasn’t sure about him since he had no reviews, so I am writing this to make sure that someone like me, gets a no bullsh**, honest review of him, and so the right people get business.

I highly, unequivocally, recommend Paul. He made an uncomfortable, stressful ordeal feel like a walk in the park and I thank him for that. If anyone has any questions feel free to get a hold of me, I believe in Yelp because I believe in the right people getting business. Hopefully you never need his services, but if you find yourself in circumstances anything like mine, call him.

—D.B., Louisville, KY, October 22, 2014

Being charged with DUI, reckless driving, and driving without insurance is a terrifying experience that will have significant influence on your future. The repercussions are arduous, far-reaching, and financially troublesome. When experiencing a situation like this; it is clear that punishments for this offense are imminent, and inevitable.

However, after meeting Paul Gold, I realized that my options to pursue justice were not limited, and the punishments that were inevitable and imminent began to seem much less so. Paul Gold’s inquisitive and diligent efforts to execute perfection and demand due process amended my initial outlooks on this situation. Witnessing an experienced former judge take action to expose flaws in the legal system was awe-inspiring and provides hope that legal righteousness will be insured. Paul Gold will not rest until the best possible outcome is achieved for every client he agrees to represent.

G.D., Huntington, WV, October 16, 2014,

Being charged with a DUI was overwhelming and terrifying. Immediately after, I began contacting lawyers and every single one flat out told me that the chances of not being  convicted were next to none; not because of any specifics of my case in general but because DUI prosecution is not lenient to the defendants favor. I heard about Paul Gold through other attorneys who weren’t very enthusiastic to take a DUI case and researched him online. The reviews echoed relief and gratitude over and over, crediting Paul as a master at his craft and the best man for the job. I emailed him and spoke to him on the phone, and he was immediately willing and interested in my case. My case ended up going to trial and wasn’t resolved until long  after I was charged, but the outcome could not have been any better. Paul fought for me with meticulous professionalism and made a case so strong that the judge simply could not convict me. I was found not guilty.He loves what he does, is the best at it, and will work endlessly to come out of the court room a winner. You will be well prepared, and he really made me feel like we were a team the day of my trial. Hiring Paul was worth every single penny and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome; if you find yourself searching for a DUI attorney who wins, Paul is the guy.

—A.N., Louisville, KY, October 3, 2014

Paul Gold is an amazing attorney! For never being in any trouble with the law he took my case and lead me through the process with complete confidence and faith. Paul was always available to answer any questions as well as kept me calm. He did exactly what we set out to do and that was WIN!!! My DUI was DISMISSED!!! Thank you Paul.

N.N., Lou KY, August 25, 2014,

Paul, I would like to thank you again for your strong diligence in working on my case for the past year. Your experience and expertise paved the road for our successful outcome in court. I am astonished how you picked this case apart and broke it into pieces during court proceedings, which made for my Not Guilty Verdict!! There are no words I could even possibly give you or your associate, Nick Neumann, for the above and beyond work you guys put into this case. You two are undoubtedly the best team in Louisville for trying DUI cases, and working with clients on a personal level. If it weren’t for the two of you on this case, my 15 year career with my employer would have most definitely came to a sudden end!!

I have learned a lot this past year and the experience has, for the better, made me realize how important it is to be more aware of  possible consequences. It has created a ripple effect for my family and friends by spreading awareness of what happens when things go wrong so fast, and how easy it is to get caught up in “the system”.

Again there are No Words of gratitude and thankfulness I can express to you for the awesome work you put into my case! There most definitely is a reason for your successful record in dealing with these DUI cases. You guys are truly and sincerely the BEST!!!! Thank You Very Much!!

—R.R., Louisville, KY, August 20, 2014

I want to thank you again for handling my case. You did a fantastic job and I am very pleased with the outcome. You came very highly recommended and I will refer you to anybody and everybody. Most lawyers would have taken the easy way out and try to cut a deal. You were able to pick my case apart and make it work out in my behalf. All I really want to say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

—D.P., Louisville, KY, August 15, 2014

It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Paul Gold as an attorney. He not only wins, but he treats his clients with respect and diginity while leaving no stone unturned. He returns phone calls promptly and has a great working relationship with his fellow colleagues, judges, prosecutors the criminal justice system as a whole. Paul has fought for me continuously and has never sold me short. He by far is the best lawyer in Louisville — or ever for that fact.

—K.O.C., Louisville, KY, August 11, 2014

Paul Gold and Associates are amazing! I presented them with an extremely hard case with little possibility of winning. The end result was the best possible outcome for my DUI charge. His response to all my phone calls and emails were prompt and informative. Paul Gold really helps take the stress out of the situation, and I would recommend him time after time. Don’t hesitate to give him a call!

– G.B.C., Louisville, KY, July 10, 2014

The ubiquitous consequences associated with a DUI charge can seem insurmountable, especially in the event of a conviction. Many questions begin to formulate when dealing with a DUI and the first answer is Judge Paul Gold. Judge Gold is undoubtedly the best asset to have when working through a DUI charge. From the moment we met and discussed my case I had an immediate boost in spirit.  Judge Gold’s impressive tenure in the legal field is bar none, and his “find a way to win” attitude is why he is continually successful in the court room. He will analyze your case on a microscopic level and literally turn nothing into something. Judge Gold is honest and forthright, he tells you how it is, yet he always keeps a positive outlook on things.

Judge Gold’s resume of accomplishments & accolades is beyond impressive, but what is most impressive is the way he made me feel as a client. I felt I had his undivided attention through the entire process. He always returned emails and phone calls (in a timely manner),  and communicated effectively. I often felt like I was the only client he had though the process, except for when he would remind me he did have other clients when he would show me STACKS of cases, current and past, of DUI’s he had resolved, won and or been successful with.

Jude Gold prepared my case and was ready to take it to trial and I felt completely confident in my chances of winning, however the prosecution obviously did not feel as confident as Paul and myself, and they offered a deal I was more than happy to accept. Judge Gold does things with DUI cases that no one else has the ability to do. Simply put, he’s that damn good”.

– P.J., Louisville, KY, June 7, 2014

I am a satisfied client thanks to the best Attorney in Louisville, KY. Mr. Paul Gold is a prime example of Professionalism. He helped save my career by working diligently before, during and after hours to make a strong case for me. He also kept me informed of my case at all times which gave me confidence that he was the right person for the job. Lastly, he gave me ample time to pay him for his service and he honestly earned every penny! Thanks again Mr. Paul Gold what an Awesome job!!

– N.R., Louisville, KY, June 6, 2014

Paul Gold was my attorney in a DUI case after he came highly recommended to me by another attorney, John Decamillis. Paul was very professional in handling this matter that I thought I had very little chance of going in my favor. He walked me through the whole process step-by-step along the way. Paul is very thorough in examining the evidence and facts in the case and pointed to several things that I would never have though of. In the end my case was DISMISSED much to my satisfaction. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was in my situation (I was charged with a DUI .18). He’s the BEST for a reason.

– G.I., Louisville, KY, June 1, 2014

As a new resident to Kentucky, I literally took some missteps that required legal counsel.  I reached out to my friends and they highly recommended Judge Paul Gold and added that he will be worth every penny.  As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for…”  However, when it comes to Paul Gold’s legal counsel you absolutely get MORE than you pay for!!!  Strong counselors’ effectively manage expectations while achieving favorable outcomes.  Paul did exactly that on my behalf.  At every turn of my case, Paul steered me in the right direction, while explaining the ‘why’ behind each well calculated decision.  Paul’s track record speaks for itself and my case is simply another exhibit that establishes Paul as one of the best litigators in the nation!!!  It is without reservation that I recommend Judge Paul Gold for your legal counsel!!!!!!!!!!!!

– R.J.B., Louisville, KY, May 22, 2014

Paul Gold did an awesome job for me! He was thorough, he was tactful and he gave me the confidence to go forward and try my case. He looked at my case, understood the facts, came up with a plan and excited it with tremendous ability. I felt confident that if anyone could help me it would be Paul Gold. He is the BEST! And he can make it happen! I was not convicted of a DUI 2nd or any DUI and that’s the TRUTH. Thanks Paul.

–A.D., Louisville, KY, April 14, 2014

From day one Mr. Gold was a professional. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the case. Mr. Gold has always kept me in the loop and up-to-date on how the case was unfolding. Paul Gold is the best DUI defense lawyer in Louisville. I hope I or any of my friends never need to use him, but should I or anyone I know need a lawyer, he is the first contact. Thank you Paul.

—L.U., Louisville, KY, February 25, 2014

Paul was an invaluable asset in my DUI case. He was more thorough then I could have ever imagined a lawyer to be. He was fully committed to my case and gave it the attention it deserved. I had to testify in my case and Paul made me feel completely reassured that I was prepared. I am immensely satisfied with my experience. Thanks to Paul, I was NOT convicted of DUI.

–H.C., Louisville, KY, February 17, 2014

Mr. Gold, Your due diligence changed my life. I appreciate your skill and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

—L.S., Sunday, February 16, 2014

Words cannot express how much I appreciate the work of Paul Gold. From meeting one, he lays out a clear overview of the possibilities in your case. My calls were always either answered or returned promptly. Any questions or concerns were always addressed immediately. Although I had my doubts in the beginning, I am happy to say I received the best possible outcome for myself, my career, and my family. I would absolutely recommend Paul’s services to anyone finding themselves in a tough position. Worth every dime!

—HFJ, Louisville, KY — February 12, 2014

Dear Judge Gold,

Thanks again for the skill at which you handled my case. You said from the beginning that you felt we had a case, even though I had doubts. I and my family are in awe at how you accomplished this in court! Regardless, you did just as you promised from day one. I will be certain to recommend you to any and all who need legal counsel in the future, and I most certainly will call you if the need arises again for your services. Although, as you might understand, I hope I don’t have to make that call!!

Again, thanks for all you have done for me during a potentially bad experience.


E.T., Louisville, KY — February 5, 2014

I hired Paul Gold as my attorney for a charge of DUI. Had heard he was an expert in the DUI court system. He worked hard on my case and found success with many challenges to migrate through. Most amazing attorney I have ever been introduced to! He is the only DUI lawyer to hire in Kentucky.

M.U., Louisville, KY – February 3, 2014

Just wanted to let you know that I am so thankful that I chose you to represent me. From the start of our relationship you have always returned my phone calls promptly and handled my case in an extremely professional manner, always keeping me informed. Most importantly, the end result of my case is what pleased me the most. My case was dismissed and my life and reputation are still in good standing. Thank you for your outstanding professional service.

S.R., Louisville, KY — January 28, 2014

I was referred to Paul Gold by another attorney who told me that Paul was the best and he would be the ONE guy that would give me any chance of defending me in my DUI with aggravator that I was facing.

My job was at stake. Paul told me I had a chance of getting the charges dismissed. He gave me a realistic picture of what the possible outcomes would be. He was well prepared; knowledgeable about all the avenues available to defend me and very professional.

I kept my job and the charges were amended. Paul Gold is my best advice to you when you are facing the most difficult situation of your life.

D.D., Louisville, KY — Jan 19, 2014

Paul Gold could not have done a better job. He truly cares about the well being of his clients. He took very good care of me for over two and a half years during my DUI case. I was not convicted of a DUI. I know this will save me thousands of dollars. If I ever get another DUI (which I will not), Paul Gold would be the only one I would trust with the case. The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life was his representation in my case.

H.Y., Louisville, KY — Nov 18, 2013

I can’t thank Paul enough for all his help with my case – his expert knowledge, thoroughness and tenacity in preparing my defense was truly extraordinary. Having never been involved in a trial procedure, I especially appreciated the care with which he ‘held my hand’ throughout the preparation process and eased my mind in guiding me through the challenges ahead. During the trial, I was particularly impressed with how he was able to present my defense with such clarity and logic – simply amazing and inspiring to watch him in his element!
I’m sincerely grateful for everything that he has done to help me – and for the positive impact his efforts have made on my life as I move forward.
S.R., Louisville, KY — Nov 15, 2013

Judge Gold worked extensively on my case and did a wonderful job proving my innocence. He was excellent in and out of court at handling my case. I would refer him to anyone who asked me about attorneys. I was very satisfied with my result which was not guilty of DUI 2nd offense.

—W.K., Louisville, KY – Oct 29 2013

I am very pleased with Paul Gold’s professionalism in handling my DUI 2nd. He is the BEST you can get. I was not convicted of anything :-)

— S.P., Louisville, KY – October 21, 2013

I am very happy with Mr. Gold representing me. He has been very informative and keeps me up to date on my case. He is a man of his word and I am pleased with how my case turned out. I would refer him to anyone. Great job! DUI was dismissed.

— B.B., Louisville, KY – October 16, 2013

I have to thank Paul again for all he did for me. This transition has actually going as planned. I want to thank him for sacrificing his time to deal with my mistake. His professionalism is unmatched.

— T.D., Louisville, KY – October 8, 2013

I had the unfortunate experience of being stopped while on my way to spend an evening with friends. I was charged with a DUI, placed under arrest, and taken to jail.

Following my release, I was faced with the decision to fight the charge or plead guilty. I know of a friend who recommended an attorney that was already convincing me to plead. I wanted to fight the charge and made that clear to the attorney. The attorney then directed me to Paul Gold, and I’m truly blessed that he did.

Paul conducted my case with integrity, professionalism, and a level of detail that was outstanding, exceptional, impressive and most of all, resulted in a WINNING VERDICT.

I would recommend attorney Gold under ANY circumstances. Hopefully the next time we meet will be under more pleasant ones.

— K.P., Louisville, KY – Sept 24, 2013

Paul is the absolute  best. I cannot say how much his representation helped me. This has been a heavy burden on me and my family and he laid out my options clearly and in a timely manner. He was honest through this whole process and he felt like more of a friend than an attorney. I was SO happy when I wasn’t convicted of a DUI. Would be very glad to see him again (but under different circumstances of course). Thank you, Thank you!

— A.J.B., Louisville, KY – September 30, 2013

Paul Gold is not only an excellent attorney but equally a good soul.  From the minute you speak with him a level of anxiety begins to fade.  His attention to my legal and emotional needs gave me confidence that my case was being handled personally. I was extremely worried about my DUI because I am a teacher but Mr. Gold instilled me with hope.  He was honest about possible outcomes, financial commitments, and timelines. He always returned my phone calls promptly and only contacted me when he needed something. His legal work on my case was phenomenal and ended with me having very little involvement. My DUI was resolved in 20 minutes at the court house as I plead guilty to a PI and paid a fine. I am extraordinarily grateful that someone pointed me in Paul Gold’s direction.  I don’t believe that any other lawyer in town could have settled my case with such ease. I would highly recommend anyone with a DUI to hire Mr. Gold.

— M.K., Louisville, KY – September 23, 2013

Paul Gold is a phenomenal attorney. He encouraged me that he could win my case, but did not hide any of the possible outcomes. I am an officer in the United States Army and the DUI that I was charged with would ruin my career. Not only did Paul settle my case (the DUI was dismissed), he was able to work with my military schedule.

Paul showed genuine concern for me on every visit. He made me feel like he cared, and I wasn’t just another case. When he presented his defense to me, it was clear he had spent countless hours on it. This man is definitely intelligent, informed and really good. I highly recommend Paul Gold, as he is the best DUI attorney in the state of Kentucky.

— D.T., Louisville, KY – September 19, 2013

I want to thank you again for all you have done and your continued support in clearing all charges against my son. My only wish was that I had called you sooner.  Thank you though.  You made the process much less painful.  I appreciated your patience, kind tone and knowledge.  And there is no doubt you did very well by him when you went to court, too.

— K.K., Louisville, KY – September 8, 2013

I was represented by Paul Gold in my Speeding/DUI case. I am from out of state and had no idea who to Contact. I spoke with several attorneys prior to retaining Mr. Gold. They all told me the same thing; “Give me money now and I’ll look at your case. If you plead not guilty, I will need more money. If I have to go to trial I want more money. Oh, and by the way, my chances of winning your case are less than 1%”…Not very encouraging! I contacted one attorney who told me if had any illusions of winning my case I needed to contact Paul Gold.

Paul Gold was honest upfront. He did not set false expectations about the expense for defense or my chance of success. He was however, the only attorney in Louisville who gave me any sense that I might prevail. After weighing my options, I chose Mr. Gold to represent me and I am so glad that I did. We did go to trial and we did win…on both counts. All charges were dismissed. Mr. Gold is truly a master of his profession. His skill as an attorney and litigator was immediately apparent as he laid out a winning defense strategy that was clear and concise. He was very impressive in court as he easily overcame each of the prosecution’s challenges.

A DUI has implications far beyond the cost of representation or court fees. It is a stigma that you carry with you forever. It was incredibly important to me that this event not be on my record. If you find yourself in this situation, I highly recommend Mr. Gold as your best chance for success. Thank you Paul.

— F.P., New Albany, IN – August 29, 2013

Mr. Gold is a great attorney. I could not imagine having my DUI case in anyone else’s hands in Louisville, KY. Mr. Gold was very professional throughout the entire process. He always made himself available to answer any questions I had. He is a straight shooter and always told me the facts and never gave me any false hope. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking representation in a DUI case. If it had not been for Mr. Gold I am almost certain I would have been convicted with a DUI, but thanks to his help and excellent representation I was not. I would not think twice about recommending Mr. Gold to Anyone.

— J.K., Louisville, KY – August 26, 2013

I had a lot of confidence in Paul at the beginning of my case, but it went beyond that in the courtroom! He is spectacular!

— L.R., Louisville, KY – August 15, 2013

My experience with Paul Gold was a positive learning experience. He is very professional and supportive. He is also very knowledgeable of the legal system which is not surprising since he has lots of experience. He helps you through everything no matter how much it seems that you might be in a difficult situation. There is no one else I would have more confidence and trust in to handle any legal situation than Paul.

He has helped me in more ways than one. Both my DUI an Reckless Driving cases were dismissed! Thank you Paul.

— J.H., Louisville, KY – August 15, 2013

Paul Gold is the best representation for a DUI case in Louisville. Mr. Gold treated me professionally, and throughout my trial I was confident of my representation. I ended up winning my trial due to his representation, not guilty of all charges.

— J.G., Louisville, KY – May 17, 2013

I am extremely happy with Mr. Gold’s performance on a business level as well as a personal level. I can say with 100% confidence that Mr. Gold has done his job to the utmost professional standards and am very happy that my DUI 2nd offense was dismissed. I can go on with my life.

— A.B.J., Louisville, KY – April 2013

I am so ECSTATIC and HAPPY for my win!!!!!!!! Paul was very diligent working on my case!
— E.P., Louisville, KY – March 2013

Mr. Gold did a great job with my case. Words cannot describe how well he handled everything. The communication between us was very professional and helpful to my overall understanding of the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Gold. I am very thankful for everything he did. I was not convicted of a DUI thanks to his efforts.
— E.D., Louisville, KY – Feb 2013

“You are worth every penny you are paid and I cannot put into words how good you are at what you do.”(Client comment to Paul Gold after Jury found him not guilty of Driving Under the Influence in January 2013.)
C.B., Louisville, KY – Jan 2013

I am very happy with Paul Gold’s advice. He gave me even better results that I had ever hoped for! I would recommend him to anyone that needs similar legal council. If there is anything he would need from me, I’d do everything I could to help him. I’m amazed with Paul’s ability and I am very grateful. I am writing this review to say thank you so much again!
— D.S., Louisville, KY  –  March 2013

When it comes to DUI cases, this guys knows his stuff. You can’t believe how helpful he was, and how smooth he made the process.  I can see now that it was no coincidence that the other lawyers I checked with recommended me to him!
G.K., Louisville, KY – Feb 2013

I was charged with a DUI, reckless driving, and drug possession. Because of Paul’s dedication and abilities in the courtroom I was found not guilty.
I.W., Louisville, KY – Jan 2013

Excellent representation. Very thorough, prepares you for what to expect in court. I felt very well prepared even when I was on the stand testifying. I am just elated with the outcome. I want to highly recommend Mr. Gold to anyone. I did a lot of research to find an attorney, Paul Gold’s background impressed me and that’s why I hired him. I am happy this case is concluded, happy with the result and very pleased that I was NOT convicted of DUI.
R.S., Louisville, KY – Nov 2012

F-ing Awesome. Very confident. Knew what he was talking about more than anyone. Everyone in court were just rookies compared to him. Gold was straight to the point, told the reality of the situation, not what I wanted to hear. Always personally returned calls and answered my questions. “I still can’t believe I won, I’m in awe of Paul Gold. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs help in court.
B.C., Louisville, KY – Sept 2012

Paul Gold handled my case with skillfulness and efficiency.  He is easy to talk to and his reliability is second to none. Paul’s professionalism in the court room was amazing, he came fully prepared and was impressive.
T.M., Louisville, KY –  August 2012

In the end, everything worked out for me and without Paul, the outcome would not have been a positive one. I would recommend him to everyone in Louisville who needs help with a DUI.
E.G., Louisville, KY – March 2012

“You are worth every penny you are paid and I cannot put into words how good you are at what you do.” Client comment to Paul Gold after Jury found him not guilty of Driving Under the Influence in January 2013. — C.B., Jefferson County, Louisville, KY – Jan 2013

Hands down, the best Lawyer in Louisville. What he did for me is nothing short of pure magic. Thank you!
A.O., Jefferson County, Louisville, KY

Paul Gold told me what would be the worst case scenario — I really needed professional help. I was comfortable with the way my case was handled and very pleased with a fantastic outcome.
B.B. – Oct 2012

Paul spent a great deal of time with me and really helped me understand and prepare for my case in court. You pay for knowledge and this lawyer was extremely knowledgeable about the law and my case. That is why we reached a successful conclusion and I was NOT CONVICTED of a DUI. I appreciated what Paul Gold did for me, I really do!
F.W. J-Town, KY – Oct 2012

Thank you so much for everything you did to win my case. My parents and I are very appreciative of your honesty, hard work and kindness. I will most definitely recommend you to friends and real friends.
M.L., Louisville, Kentucky – Nov 2012

Great attorney.  Really on his job.  Will fight to the end for you.
Mr. Gold was very prepared and he represented me extremely well. He was thorough in his presentation of the facts. I would recommend him 1,000 times. He’s the Man – Mr. Gold – he saved me!!
— D.J. – Sept 2012

The Best Criminal Lawyer in Louisville.
— B.G., Louisville, KY – Dec 2012

“Mr. Gold worked really hard on my case. I was very pleased with the outcome.”
— L.A., Louisville, KY – Sept 2012

I wanted to write the letter to recommend your services to everyone looking for a great attorney. Attorney Paul Gold sets the standard of excellence when it comes to attorneys representing their clients with professionalism, respect and proven results. Having practiced behind the bench, on the prosecuting side, and on defense he is a very knowledgeable and well rounded attorney that is respected and well known by all in the Kentucky Judicial System. If your looking for an attorney that will be courteous, prompt, informative, and get you the results you want you’ve found your man! Thank you once again for all of your help!
J.M., Louisville, KY – Sept 2012

I got the result I was looking for. Paul Gold kept me informed about my case during the entire process. I was not convicted for DUI because of Paul Gold and his excellent representation I will be able to keep my job which involves driving a truck. I will finally be able to sleep tonight.
J.S., Jeffersonville, Indiana – August 2012

Mr. Gold,
I wanted to thank you again for helping me on the phone earlier this week and today, in person. I had a very bad experience with the attorney I had hired but in one phone call, you had restored my faith in your profession. You are truly a kind-hearted man and obviously an outstanding attorney.
I will highly recommend you to anyone I know who may be in need of your services. Thank you again.
L.D., Louisville, Kentucky – Nov 2012

I was charged with a DUI 2nd Offense with a aggravated breath reading. It’s hard for me to put into words the appreciation I have for Paul and the kindness he has showed me. I am ecstatic with the result in my case as I was not found guilty of DUI 2nd offense or any DUI. Paul Gold stayed in contact, stayed on the case, kept me informed by telling me the different possibilities that could happen in my case. I can’t believe I got the best case scenario with the greatest attorney. I could write a book but will just say if you have any court case by all means contact Paul Gold for the best opportunity to get an excellent result in your case! I believe he is a miracle worker.
T.T., Louisville, Kentucky – Sept 2012

Thank you very much!! I just wanted to personally thank you for all you did for me in my case & trial. I thought you were amazing!!
I.G., Louisville, Kentucky – Nov 2012