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A corrections officer was suspended after she admitted to lying under oath.

Liliana Hernandez gave untruthful testimony during a court hearing in a DUI case.

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She lied about a man refusing to take a Breathalyzer test, and it’s all on camera, including her confession.

The county attorney said this doesn’t necessarily impact other DUI cases, but a local attorney begs to differ.

July 21, Hernandez was on the stand testifying in a drunk driving trial in Jefferson County when, after being pressed by Gold, she admitted to lying under oath.

“When you came in here Officer Hernandez, the first thing you told the judge was that you were currently a BA operator, and that was a lie, correct? Yes or no? Yes,” said Paul Gold, DUI case attorney.

Gold said Hernandez lied about more than just her job title. He she lied about his client refusing to take a Breathalyzer test after he was pulled over for driving drunk.

Video shows Gold’s client didn’t refuse, he actually blew, twice.

“Just because this happened in a case is not a basis for dismissing cases that are still pending,” said Mike O’Connell, Jefferson County attorney.

O’Connell said the more than 200 DUI cases Hernandez is involved in, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and he doesn’t think this incident will or should impact other cases.

But Gold disagrees.

“She will have to answer in each and every one of these that she’s a liar. It will affect those cases,” said Gold.

O’Connell said Hernandez could still be called to testify in other cases, even if she does end up fired after the investigation is complete.

“You just don’t get a free pass to dismiss every DUI case because of the one she was involved in,” said O’Connell.

Gold said he’s representing several other people involved in cases where Hernandez could be a witness, and he will be bringing up that she lied under oath.

Metro Corrections director Mark Bolton issued a statement after Hernandez was suspended, saying in part, “I am disgusted by what the court record reveals about the officer’s conduct in this case. This is not how we train, this is not how we operate, and this is not how we act as sworn criminal justice professionals.